Get Yer Yodel On

Warm up those vocal cords and get ready to enter our Yodeling Contest with fun prizes! Contestants can perform a freestyle yodel, or sing along with a karaoke yodel. We will choose nightly winners in both children and adult category!

How to Yodel

Step 1. Determine your raw power.
On a nice warm day, step outside and stay close to your front door(for safety reasons). Yell at your neighbor across the street. Words like: HEY, WHY, GO work best. Duck and rush back inside, Don't approach. Lock door if applicable...
Now reflect on what you have done, did you notice you yelled not only from the top of your lungs, but the top of your voice. If not try again and listen to yourself. Your voice should be higher! Thats what provides the most power you need for yodeling!
Step 2. Finding your falsetto(ladies refining your shriek)
Got to the zoo. Find the primates. Listen to the sound of an excited chimp! Go home. With your mouth closed at first, try to imitate the chimp. There! Thats you falsetto... don't over do it! Now produce both sounds repeatedly in succession (HEY-iihh, GO-iihh...)
Step 3. Combine fist two lessons
Rent a Tarzan movie. Tarzan type of jungle-yodeling is most suitable for the average person. Watch a Tarzan movie THREE times, paying close attention to the yodeling scenes(these are usually the ones where Tarzan is swinging on vines).
Take step 1 and 2 and use them try to imitate the jungle yodeling, gliding from your chest voice into the falsetto and back. Don't worry if you don't sound exactly like "Tarzan" That's the beauty of it! This is that type of improvised yodeling that is only limited by your creativity. Now you can yodel(practice in shower)!
Step 4. Last step, come to Mandeville Oktoberfest and enter the Yodeling Contest!

First Annual Little Miss Wiener Schnitzel Contest 2009

This is your chance to enter and win the coveted title of "Miss "Wiener Schnitzel 2009" for the Mandeville Trailhead's Oktoberfest. The Pageant Winner will receive a prize basket from Zorros Cool Stuff for Pets and People and a sitting for a professional photo of the pageant winner by World Famous Sisters Pet Pics!
Please e-mail your best photo of your "Little Miss" and a Bio.
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